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Safety inspection of ladders & steps with significant time savings i.a.w. DIN EN 131, DGUV, OSH & HSE PUWER regulations.

Download Checklists

Included templates / checklists: Ladder, fixed ladder

Download free sample protocols for the inspection of ladders and steps here. Reduce your inspection effort by up to 70% by performing the inspection with CHEQSITE 's lean apps. Further information...

Checklist / Template

Example: Fixed Ladder - Inspection acc. to DGUV Information 208-016


  • Location
  • Model number
  • Length
  • Number of rungs
  • ...


Especially in regard to corrosion, surface protection, cracks, lubrication, deformation, wear, completeness

  • Fitting parts
  • Feet / wheels
  • Holding device
  • Poles
  • Pole connection
  • Platform / resting place
  • Back protection
  • Spread protection
  • ...

Documentation / Identification

Available and readable

  • Operating instructions
  • Inspection book kept continuously
  • Type plate
  • ...

Overall evaluation

  • Ladder and components
  • ...


Online Seminars

For all those who do not yet have a smartphone or tablet in operation, we offer free online seminars in which we explain how to use the CHEQSITE apps in a clear and concise manner. You are also welcome to invite your colleagues, who also perform inspections or post-process inspection reports, to the online seminars. We are looking forward to a cooperation.

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