Power-Operated & Fire Doors and Gates

Inspection i.a. According to DIN EN 16005, DIN EN 18650, DIN EN 12453, ASR A1.7, DGUV A3, DGUV 208-022, DGUV 308-006, BGG 950.

Download Checklists

Included templates / checklists: swing door, turnstile, revolving door, tilting door, rolling door, sliding door, sectional door, etc.

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Checklist / Template

Example: Mobile Crane – Inspection According to DGUV Regulation 52 in Connection with DGUV Principle 309-001


  • Location / number plate
  • Manufacturer
  • Load capacity in t
  • Year of build

Work safety during crane inspection

  • Outriggers
  • Installation to the surroundings
  • Ground properties
  • State of setup


  • Rigging rods / ropes
  • Boom storage
  • Bolt connections
  • Extension ropes / chains

Driver’s cab and upper body cabin

  • Tachograph
  • Windows / panes
  • Gearshift systems
  • Heating

Doors and Gates Sample Template Checklist

Online Seminars

For all those who do not yet have a smartphone or tablet in operation, we offer free online seminars in which we explain how to use the CHEQSITE apps in a clear and concise manner. You are also welcome to invite your colleagues, who also perform inspections or post-process inspection reports, to the online seminars. We are looking forward to a cooperation.