Audits and Inspections

CHEQSITE is the professional tool for inspectors and auditors who are looking for an uncomplicated functional solution and who place particular emphasis on ergonomics and comprehensible operation. Teams and companies have access to additional functions for planning and organizing employees and resources (more information).

Together with the software, templates are supplied for various inspections, such as DGUV equipment inspection, risk assessments or maintenance work. Alternatively, individual checklist templates can be created. Our service team will be happy to help you implement special templates for audits and inspections (more information).

Defects can be documented directly on site with photos, videos or audio files. Standardized inspection reports are generated with one click in the app. Results can be easily shared with customers and clients using the integrated communication technologies. With the apps, the entire inspection process is digitalized and automated, from the preparation of checklists, the actual inspection on site, to the documentation of the inspection results.

This results in significant time and cost savings while improving quality and transparency. Customers and clients will be excited.

Excerpt of the functions and features:

Customer and Contract Data

Store contact data of customers and contractors as well as contract data. Plan and organize inspections conveniently in the calendar.

Checkpoints and Defects

Use photos, videos and audio files to document checkpoints and defects. Scan barcodes as well as QR codes and use them in the documentation.

Templates for Checklists

Use pre-installed checklists or create individual templates for checklists and texts yourself. Our special template service is also available for this purpose.

Reports and Documentation

Automatically generate and distribute uniform documents for customers and internal use.

Data and Communication

Easily save inspections and results and use them on various devices, including e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.

Mobile and Stationary Working

Inspect on site with your smartphone or tablet and continue working on your PC or Mac (beta) later.