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Audits and Inspections

CHEQSITE is the professional tool for inspectors and auditors who are looking for an uncomplicated functional solution and who place particular emphasis on ergonomics and comprehensible operation. Teams and companies have access to additional functions for planning and organizing employees and resources (more information).

Together with the software, templates are supplied for various inspections, such as DGUV equipment inspection, risk assessments or maintenance work. Alternatively, individual checklist templates can be created. Our service team will be happy to help you implement special templates for audits and inspections (more information).

Defects can be documented directly on site with photos, videos or audio files. Standardized inspection reports are generated with one click in the app. Results can be easily shared with customers and clients using the integrated communication technologies. With the apps, the entire inspection process is digitalized and automated, from the preparation of checklists, the actual inspection on site, to the documentation of the inspection results.

This results in significant time and cost savings while improving quality and transparency. Customers and clients will be excited.

Excerpt of the functions and features:


Store contact data of customers and contractors as well as contract data. Plan and organize inspections conveniently in the calendar.



Use photos, videos and audio files to document checkpoints and defects. Scan barcodes as well as QR codes and use them in the documentation.



Use pre-installed checklists or create individual templates for checklists and texts yourself. Our special template service is also available for this purpose.



Automatically generate and distribute uniform documents for customers and internal use.


Easily save inspections and results and use them on various devices, including e-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.


Inspect on site with your smartphone or tablet and continue working on your PC or Mac (beta) later.

Test our app 14 days for free and without obligation!

Try the app now for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation. If you like the app, one of our staff members will contact you.

Self-employed persons can purchase the app after the free trial period for a licence fee starting at 20€ per month. You will receive free email support, a free online training and our service team will help you set up the app. Please also have a look at our Service Offerings.

Companies please contact our sales team for an individual offer. Special functions and services for companies can be found under Organization and Integration.

We look forward to working with you!

CHEQSITE Apps in Apple Appstore


Simple, practical, mobile - The CHEQSITE apps are a lean software solution for inspectors and companies with a special focus on ergonomics and comprehensible operation.

  • Significant time savings in visual and expert inspections.
  • Standardization of inspection processes and documentation.
  • Improvement of transparency and compliance.
  • Modern appearance before customers and employees.

30 - 70%             from 1999€ p.m.

SAVE TIME                                 PRICE

Work Equipment Inspection App

Online Seminars

In a 30-minute free online seminar, the advantages and functions of the CHEQSITE apps for work equipment inspection are explained to you.

Download Checklists

Download free sample protocols for the inspection of work equipment here.

Excerpt of Available Apps and Checklists

If you want to inspect a work equipment that is not available in the apps, this is not a problem at all. You can create your own checklists or contact our special Template Service. Our application experts will then create your individual checklists for you.
Workplace inspection according to DGUV Information 215-410, BGI 650
Office workstation, computer workstation, etc.

Elevators and escalators in accordance with TRBS 3121, DIN 13015 and others
Operator inspection escalators and lifts, expert inspection elevators, etc.

Construction machinery i.a. according to DGUV principle 314-003
Backhoe loader, trench cutting machine, grader, loader, mobile excavator, dump truck, waste compactor, crawler excavator, pipe layer, scraper, cable excavator, road construction machine, tractor etc.

Fire protection
Fire bulkhead, fire detection system, fire / smoke detector, pressure boosting system, smoke / heat exhaust ventilation systems, fire extinguisher, wall hydrant, underground / above ground hydrant, standpipe, filling and draining valves, automatic extinguishing system, etc.

Electrical installations i.a. according to DIN VDE 0100, DIN VDE 0701, DIN VDE 0113-1
Lightning protection systems, machines, medical technology, fixed/moveable welding equipment, etc.

First aid at work i.a. according to ASR A4.3, DIN 13157, DGUV Information 2047-022
First aid check, first aid kits, etc.

Vehicles i.a. according to DGUV regulation 70, BGV D29, DGUV principle 314-002

Escape routes and lighting according to ASR A2.3, DIN 1838, DIN 67510
Escape routes, safety lighting, safety guidance system, etc.

Industrial trucks i.a. according to DGUV regulation 68, BGV D27, FEM 4.004
Forklift trucks, manually operated, power driven industrial trucks, etc.

Scaffolding i.a. according to DIN EN 12811, DIN 4420, DGUV Information 201-011
Working scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, protective scaffolds, etc.

Hygiene inspections i.a. according to HACCP
Retirement and nursing homes, ambulatory stations and wards, gastronomy, clinics, etc.

Cranes i.a. according to DGUV regulation 52, DGUV principle 309-001
Bridge / portal crane, mobile crane, truck loading crane, tower crane, etc.

Load securing i.a. according to DGUV principle 214-003

Storage facilities i.a. in accordance with DGUV Principle 309
Load handling attachments, containers, lattice boxes, lifting gear, lifting platforms, lifting equipment, IBC containers, loading ramps, pallets, winches, etc.

Ladders i.a. according to DGUV Information 208-016, BGV D36 incl. fixed ladders

Machines and devices according to DGUV rule 100-500
High pressure cleaners, hydraulic presses, centrifuges, etc.

Personal safety equipment i.a. according to DGUV Information 212-515, BGI 515
Workplace inspection, foot protection, securants, protective equipment against falls from a height, etc.

Racks i.a. in accordance with DIN EN 15635

Playgrounds i.a. in accordance with DIN EN 1176
weekly visual inspection, monthly functional inspection, annual main inspection, etc.

Doors and gates i.a. according to DGUV principle 308-006, BGG 950, DIN 18650
Swing door, turnstile, revolving door, tilting door, rolling door, sliding door, sectional door, etc.

and lots more

* Inspections of work equipment within the scope of occupational health and safety used to be known simply as UVV tests (accident prevention regulations). In 2014, various regulations of the statutory accident insurance and the employer’s liability insurance associations were merged into the so-called DGUV regulations (German statutory accident insurance)

The obligation to inspect work equipment arises from the ArbSchG (Occupational Safety and Health Act), which is implemented by a number of legal ordinances, such as the BetrSichV (Operational Safety Ordinance). The legal regulations, in turn, are further specified and supplemented by DGUV regulations, rules, information and principles, such as the TRBS (Technical Rules for Operational Safety).

Other legal regulations in connection with work equipment inspection include: ArbStättV (Workplace Ordinance), OStrV (Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation), BaustellV (Construction Site Ordinance), BildscharbV (Computer Work Station Ordinance), BioStoffV (Biological Materials Ordinance), GefStoffV (Hazardous Materials Ordinance), LärmVibrationsArbSchV (Noise and Vibration Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance), LasthandhabV (Load Handling Ordinance, PSA-BV (Personal Safety Equipment Use Ordinance).

** Please contact our support for more information about the PC and Mac app.