Fire- / Smoke Detectors

Inspection in Accordance with EN 14676

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Included templates / checklists: Fire detector inspection i.a. according to DIN 14676 and others, operator inspection

Download free sample protocols for the inspection of fire detectors and smoke detectors here. Reduce your inspection effort by up to 70% by performing the inspection with CHEQSITE ‘s lean apps. Further information…

Checklist / Template

Example: Fire- / Smoke Detectors – Inspection in Accordance with EN 14676


  • Location
  • Manufacturer
  • Commissioning date
  • Date last inspection
  • Date next inspection


  • Smoke intrusion opening
  • Battery cover
  • Electrical wiring (supply and fire alarm panel)
  • Message and error displays
  • Mounting and fastening elements
  • Casing
  • Battery

Signalling device and environment

  • Use of space remains unchanged
  • Constructional changes
  • Obstacles in the vicinity (0.5 m radius free)

Alarm function

  • Test gas / heat according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Power outage
  • Manual triggering

Fire / Smoke Detector Sample Template Checklist

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