Industrial Trucks

Inspection i.a. According to DGUV Regulation 68, BGV D27, FEM 4.004

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Included templates / checklists: Forklift truck, forklift truck operational test, hand driven industrial truck, power driven industrial truck, power driven industrial truck operational test

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Checklist / Template

Example: Wall Hydrant – Inspection acc. to DIN 14818 / DIN 14811 / DIN 14461-1


  • Location
  • Manufacturer / Supplier
  • Type
  • Year of build


  • Operating device e.g. steel tube
  • Seals / Coupling seals
  • Pressure measuring device and display elements
  • Pressure hose

Functional check

  • Reel in particular for even water flow, mobility
  • Resting pressure maximum 7 bar
  • Hose flow pressure test with existing operating pressure
  • Hose flow pressure test with maximum operating pressure (type w 16 bar / type c 12 bar)


Follow sequence

  • Empty the hose (wash and dry)
  • Replace damaged or malfunctioning parts
  • Affix proof of maintenance
  • Establish operational readiness

Industrial Trucks Sample Template Checklist

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For all those who do not yet have a smartphone or tablet in operation, we offer free online seminars in which we explain how to use the CHEQSITE apps in a clear and concise manner. You are also welcome to invite your colleagues, who also perform inspections or post-process inspection reports, to the online seminars. We are looking forward to a cooperation.