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Industrial Trucks - Inspection i.a. According to DGUV Regulation 68, BGV D27, FEM 4.004

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Included templates / checklists: Forklift truck, forklift truck operational test, hand driven industrial truck, power driven industrial truck, power driven industrial truck operational test

Download free sample protocols for the inspection of industrial trucks here. Reduce your inspection effort by up to 70% by performing the inspection with CHEQSITE 's lean apps. Further information...

Checklist / Template

Example: Manually Operated Industrial Trucks - Inspection According to FEM 4.004 and GBV D27 / DGUV Regulation 68


  • Location
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Operated hours
  • Year of build
  • ...

Lifting device and accessories

  • Profiles, shears, crossbars
  • Forks and safety devices
  • Fork in particular for permanent deformations
  • Fork bend esp. on thickness
  • ...

Hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic equipment (pump, piston, etc.)
  • Lines and connections especially for tightness
  • Lifting system stress rupture test
  • Lifting system walk way test incl. emergency stop
  • ...

Chassis and steering / drawbar

  • Service / parking brake in particular on braking power
  • Steering / Drawbar
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Suspension
  • ...


Online Seminars

For all those who do not yet have a smartphone or tablet in operation, we offer free online seminars in which we explain how to use the CHEQSITE apps in a clear and concise manner. You are also welcome to invite your colleagues, who also perform inspections or post-process inspection reports, to the online seminars. We are looking forward to a cooperation.

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