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The ROS Rack Inspection App allows you to carry out rack inspections according to DIN EN 15635 effectively. The app maps additional requirements of ROS Germany GmbH regarding documentation as well as potential rack repair or maintenance of the rack systems.

Functions Overview

  • Inspect directly on site with smartphone or tablet.
  • Record rack data including required replacement parts.
  • Detailed recording of hazards / defects including photos for documentation.
  • Create uniform reports and send them to customers.
  • Management reports with overviews of hazards / defects, e.g. for uprights and struts.
  • Maintenance workers / repair technicians can record the before/after status with images.
  • Backup and share your own data, e.g. via iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Price Calculator

49.99 €

per month, per user, plus VAT

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599.88 €

per billing period, per user, plus VAT

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