Teams and Companies

The economic use for teams and companies is further improved by specially coordinated functional and service offers. CHEQSITE's software system solution allows for easy planning of employee tasks and resources as well as effective integration into work processes and the existing IT infrastructure in companies.

With the consistent digitalization and structuring of inspection processes and the data obtained, results become comparable. Potential for improvement can be quantitatively proven and identified more quickly. Transparency and compliance are simultaneously increased. In safety-relevant applications, such as occupational health and safety, legal certainty is improved. Team leaders and management also benefit from aggregated views of work and results, e.g. current inspection assignments, working hours, accident statistics, and much more.

Overall, a significant increase in productivity of up to 70% can be achieved in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of audits and inspections.

Excerpt of Functions and Services:

Project Management

Effective planning and distribution of audit tasks to various employees.

Asset and Resource Management

Management of facilities and equipment and all tasks performed on them, e.g. occupational safety inspections or maintenance activities.

Business Intelligence

Aggregated views, analyses and reports on work and results by decision level, e.g. usage and defect statistics.

On-Premise and Cloud

Archiving and backup of inspection and contract data according to company-specific requirements on internal or external servers.

Security and Data Privacy

Modern encryption and nebulisation strategies. Protection according to German guidelines and data security according to specific company requirements.

Interfaces and Integration

Provision of data in various formats for further processing in common business software, such as SAP, IBM Notes, etc.

Individual Adjustments

Customer-specific templates and reports, special functions such as data filters or interfaces. We are happy to turn special requests into software.

Service and Support

We offer our corporate customers competent and needs-based all-round service. We would be pleased to inform you about our range of services on request.