V1.1.16 – 28.02.2024

  • Significantly faster uploading of files and images is now possible. This is a particular advantage for larger inspections.
  • In the PDF report, page numbers are displayed in the footer even if the name of the customer and contractor is very long.
  • Checklist templates created by the user can be deleted again.
  • With the extended import of data from the basic version:
    a. Inspection interval and the date for the last and next inspection are updated.
    b. The processing status of imported inspections is set to “completed”.
    c. The serial number is assigned.
    d. Inventory templates are assigned more precisely.

V1.1.15 – 06.02.2024

  • Standardized date designations between Android, iOS and Windows / Mac.
  • New date field added to inspection items, which represents the date of the current inspection. The date from the inspection item can now be transferred to the inventory item so that the date of the last and next inspection can always be calculated in the inventory item.
  • Import further improved. Many additional functions have been added to the extended import and minor bugs have been fixed.
  • When selecting a customer when creating an inspection, additional customer data is displayed, including the contact person.
  • Dashboards / statistics will initially only be displayed in the test phase for compliance reasons. If you wish to display them in the business version, please contact our support for further information.
  • Customer contact data standardized between Android, iOS and Windows / Mac.

V1.1.14 – 19.01.2024

  • Separate PDF report can now be generated for each inventory item.
  • Greatly expanded and improved import functionality. Attributes from inspection lists are now also partially assigned to attributes in inventory objects by direct text comparison. In addition, inventory templates can now also be created directly during the import. The extended import is very extensive; our support team will be happy to advise you on this topic.
  • Inspectors can now choose between the standard user interface and the user interface for racks.
  • Many small improvements.

V1.1.13 – 13.12.2023

  • Camera function offered when creating logos
  • When switching users, the user is informed that all previous data is deleted
  • Synchronization further optimized
  • Further improvements to the user interface

V1.1.12 – 14.11.2023

  • “Make inspections available to work offline” option is highlighted when clicking on the cloud icon.
  • Data synchronization has been revised and improved.
  • Fixed an error when creating inventory items in an inspection.
  • Role “inspector” now loads correct logo in inspection objects.
  • Minor bug fixes in report generation.
  • Texts for dates specified more precisely.

V1.1.11 – 29.10.2023

  • Inspection interval from inventory templates is copied when adding the inventory template to an inventory object.
  • Inspection list templates can be assigned in an inventory template.

V1.1.10 – 22.10.2023

  • Import of rack inspections with database version number V2 is now possible.

V1.1.8 – 26.05.2023

  • With our new photo editor, we now offer you the opportunity to edit your images according to your preferences. You can draw, insert comments and markings, crop and rotate photos, and much more. This powerful editor allows you to adjust and highlight defects and damages instantly.
  • Furthermore, it is now possible to assess all checkpoints, even if there are empty sections in the inspection list.

V1.1.7 – 09.05.23

  • Import of inspection list templates from .pl.cqs files enabled
  • Import of text templates from .tv.cqs files enabled
  • Import of customers, contractors and inventory from formatted .csv files implemented
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

V1.1.6 – 28.04.2023

  • Sorting of sections and inspection points in inspection lists fixed
  • Camera loading time significantly improved
  • Reports and signatures are not copied when creating an “empty copy”
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

V1.1.5 – 20.04.2023

  • Many small improvements and bug fixes

V1.1.4 – 14.04.2023

  • Import of inspections from .pr.cqs files enabled
  • Create inspection item during inspection is now possible
  • Selection of customer during creating of an inspection
  • Special user interface for rack inspections

V1.1.3 – 17.03.23

  • Minor changes to the user interface
  • Improvement of sorting behavior in lists
  • Synchronization of data and error messages improved

V1.1.2 – 06.02.23

  • Uninstalling deletes all files
  • Installation with Windows VM terminals
  • Single instance boot up fixed
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

V1.1.1 – 25.01.23

  • Deletion of system assessment templates disabled
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes