Audits and Inspections

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Audits and Inspections

CHEQSITE is the professional tool for inspectors and auditors who are looking for an uncomplicated functional solution and who place particular emphasis on ergonomics and comprehensible operation. Teams and companies have access to additional functions for planning and organizing employees and resources (more information).

Together with the software, templates are supplied for various inspections, such as DGUV equipment inspection, risk assessments or maintenance work. Alternatively, individual checklist templates can be created. Our service team will be happy to help you implement special templates for audits and inspections (more information).

Defects can be documented directly on site with photos, videos or audio files. Standardized inspection reports are generated with one click in the app. Results can be easily shared with customers and clients using the integrated communication technologies. With the apps, the entire inspection process is digitalized and automated, from the preparation of checklists, the actual inspection on site, to the documentation of the inspection results.

This results in significant time and cost savings while improving quality and transparency. Customers and clients will be excited.

Excerpt of the functions and features:


Store contact data of customers and contractors as well as contract data. Plan and organize inspections conveniently in the calendar.



Use pre-installed checklists or create individual templates for checklists and texts yourself. Our special template service is also available for this purpose.

Teams and Companies

The economic use for teams and companies is further improved by specially coordinated functional and service offers. CHEQSITE’s software system solution allows for easy planning of employee tasks and resources as well as effective integration into work processes and the existing IT infrastructure in companies.

With the consistent digitalization and structuring of inspection processes and the data obtained, results become comparable. Potential for improvement can be quantitatively proven and identified more quickly. Transparency and compliance are simultaneously increased. In safety-relevant applications, such as occupational health and safety, legal certainty is improved. Team leaders and management also benefit from aggregated views of work and results, e.g. current inspection assignments, working hours, accident statistics, and much more.

Overall, a significant increase in productivity of up to 70% can be achieved in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of audits and inspections.

Excerpt of Functions and Services:


Effective planning and distribution of audit tasks to various employees.


Management of facilities and equipment and all tasks performed on them, e.g. occupational safety inspections or maintenance activities.


Aggregated views, analyses and reports on work and results by decision level, e.g. usage and defect statistics.

Service and Operation

The potential of a software solution can best be exploited if the users are familiar with and have mastered the functions and operation. We want our software to be used successfully. Therefore, our sales and service staff provide support in planning the use and operation of our products.

Setup and implementation are particularly important. We are at our customers’ side at every step and help to generate tangible progress. We work together closely with the IT administration and the inspectors. We are also happy to customise the software to meet special requirements, for example by integrating checklist templates or implementing individual functions.

We look forward to working with you.

Excerpt of our services:


Online training and workshops on site as well as needs-specific personnel coaching.



Our experts are happy to build special templates for checklists and reports into the apps.